UK Film Council

Find any Film Branding

In 2009 The UK Film Council wanted to raise awareness and promote the use of legal mediums for viewing films. But when we started asking people what they would look for in a website about film, they pretty much all said the same thing: ‘One website where you can find any film in any format in the UK.’ So that’s what we did.

The solution was – Find Any Film is a movie search engine that tells you where to watch films across multiple platforms, including cinema, online streaming and downloads.

As well as the naming and concept I was involved in developing the identity, brand and website. We also created an online advertising campaign to launch the site.

Direct mail and giveaways were also created to promote the new venture to key players within the industry.

The site became so successful that it was eventually set-up as a standalone and self-sustaining company, that continues to goes from strength to strength.